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Storage Furniture Throughout Your Home

Tips on Using Storage Furniture Throughout Your Home


If your home or apartment is a smaller space or you simply have a fair amount of “stuff,” then having proper storage solutions is important for you. When people think of storage, however, they traditionally think of a dedicated, offsite unit or closet storage, which often amounts to jamming things in the closet or putting boxes under beds.


Parents may also be familiar with living room storage, such as cubbies for toys or toy chests. However, there are ways to sneak storage throughout your home so that you can effortlessly store your items without it necessarily appearing as if you’re storing your items. Learn how to use storage furniture throughout different rooms of your home in order to give you better access to items you need.


Getting Creative With Furniture


One thing that’s possible to do is buy dedicated storage furniture, such as a bed with drawers or a coffee table with storage. But there is another thing you can also consider—and that is putting furniture pieces where they otherwise wouldn’t belong.

For example, you can think about putting furniture intended for the bedroom in the living room like chests or dressers, or opting for “hidden storage.” Another idea is using your walls. When you’re extremely short on space, sometimes there’s nowhere to go but up. Simple shelving is one idea, but there are also ladders and other unique visions that look more like art than storage.

Additional Storage Options in the Living Room and Foyer

Since the living room is where you will do most of your “living,” you’ll probably find that this is the place that also accumulates the most mess. If you have little ones, this is also the spot where their toys seem to become mountainous as well, and you may find you need everything from a storage chest to an extra-large toy box. We have some easy solutions for this and other storage problems.

Entryway benches

If your foyer or entryway is large enough, benches are a great idea (and these can be one of those “hidden storage” ideas. They give you a place to sit to take off and put on shoes and can be storage space for beach items in the summer or winter gear and boots in the winter. You can also opt for a tall, hutch-shaped one with hooks for purses, coats, and keys.

Wall Storage and Shelving

Maximizing wall space is an obvious choice for the living room. Consider bookcases, shelves, and ladder shelving to display items, books, and even toys. Cubby-shaped bookcases are perfect to slip in box-shaped containers to organize toys. You can also choose to hang your television on the wall and build shelving around it, which is a good way to hide tangled wires.

Dressers and entertainment centers

Dressers don’t have to stay in the bedroom—depending on how they look, they are an easy fit for the living room as well. Hutches are also optimal choices, depending on what you want to store. They are a good choice for barware and cocktail pieces, as well as fine china and dinnerware. Dressers can store the overflow from the kitchen or items you may need within reach, such as your remotes, cables, and other items.

Ottomans and coffee tables

Storage ottomans are exceptional for storing throws, books, remotes, and other items you may need close at hand—or, they may be a top choice for toy storage. Coffee tables can come with shelves to make storage easier for you, or invest in nesting tables that can pop out easily when you’re entertaining.

Storage Solutions for the Bedroom

In modern times, the bedroom has so often had double usage as the office space as well, so having storage space within it has been a must. Children’s bedrooms also need ideal storage solutions. Bedroom furniture with extra storage, such as headboards with a little extra space, or night tables with an extra drawer, is always a good move.

Storage Beds

Using beds as storage space and opting for storage beds is the obvious choice. Ones that are set off the ground provide a great aesthetic and plenty of storage. You can also look for beds that have storage within the headboard.

Hutches as Dressers

Just as dressers can go into the living room, hutches can make their way into the bedroom. Depending on their shape, you can use them actually as dressers, or if a quick touch down space if you need to log in to work from your bedroom.


Bookcases are, again, an obvious choice, but they don’t always have to be filled with books. Fill them with items you’d like to display or use them as toy storage in a child’s room. A bookcase with a unique shape can also be utilized as a nightstand or an end table in your bedroom—so get creative with placement.

Office and Desk Space

You may find that you need a corner where you need to do work, or your child needs a quiet homework nook. Corner desks and chairs with extra drawer space can be an ideal fit, even in a small bedroom, without making it look cluttered. Remember that lighter colors look better in a smaller room (darker colors will make the room look smaller), so if the room already looks cramped, think about furniture that is a lighter shade of wood or a light color, even white.

Bathroom and Laundry Room ideas

The bathroom and laundry room are also two rooms that seem to get overcrowded with items, such as detergent and toiletries. If your laundry room is part of the main house, you likely want it neat and tidy. Even if your laundry room is in the cellar, you don’t want to hunt for things. There are a few ways to keep these rooms neat with storage furniture.

Rolling Bar Cart as Unique Storage

A small bar cart can work wonders in either your bathroom or laundry room and is the perfect fit for items such as extra soaps and toilet paper or detergent and fabric softener. You can also add decor and light touches with it as well so it doesn’t look like just a storage area.

Wooden Crates as Shelves

Creating furniture out of ordinary items is always a fun task—and this idea can work well in any room, but is a great fit for a medium-sized bathroom. This is an optimal idea for your bath towels, sheets, and other items. Or, depending on what you store in your laundry room, it could be part of your laundry room storage.

Ladders as Tower Storage

Using small ladders as tower storage is a good way to store toiletries and other items. If you have a small bathroom with very little cabinet space, this is the perfect time to utilize your walls. Place a small ladder and use the “shelves” for small toiletries and other items you need in the bathroom.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to tackle because here, you may run into appliances or other items you don’t use very often. If you only drink when you entertain, what do you do with your cocktail items? And, what should you do with a food processor you only use during the holidays? There are a few ways to store kitchen items without feeling overcrowded.

Cocktail Hutches

A small cocktail hutch is a good way to store all your barware. Even if you don’t imbibe, these small hutches can easily store other kitchen items you may not use very often, as well as extra glasses and plates you may only pull out at certain times of the year.

Counter Space With a Wine Rack

If you struggle with how to store your wine, having a countertop with an open space underneath where you build a wine rack is a good way to give you more kitchen surface to work with while affording you ample space to store your wine. In lieu of a wine rack, this could also be a spot to install a lazy Susan.

Kitchen Island

Consider installing a kitchen island if you have the room. Not only will this give you more counter space, but make sure you get one with built-in cabinets underneath, so you can store those items you don’t use every day, like your food processor, blender, and stand mixer. Also, hanging pots and pans in the kitchen is a must as well. This opens up your cabinet space to store other things.

If you’re looking for a solution that won’t break your bank, CORT Furniture Outlet is here to help. With so many options to consider, our specialists can help you create the look you want and realize your vision for every room in the home.