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Find Beautiful Wall Art at CORT Furniture Outlet

Do you have a blank wall that’s craving a beautiful piece of artwork? CORT Furniture Outlet has a wide selection of wall art to add flair to any room.

Wall art can instantly pull a room together. But, where do you start? Here are three tips for selecting wall art.

Select by style . The simplest way is to choose an art piece that matches the style of your furnishing. Select one with not only the artwork that matches, but the frame, too. Consider mixing materials buy adding one with a metal frame and another in wood.

Select by color . Artwork can go in many direction when it comes to color. It can be that one pillow that has a color you love or your favorite rug’s color that leads your purchase. When in doubt, stick to classic black and white.

Select by size . Think about the wall where the artwork will be placed. How much room do you have? Are you looking for one large feature piece in a living room ? Or are you looking to create a gallery wall in your home office ? If you have a large blank space over a sofa , you may want to purchase one oversized piece or triptych. If you’re looking to hang art above a bookcase or on a short wall, think smaller and hang in groups of three to five. Now, it’s time to explore and get more at your CORT Furniture Outlet.