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CORT is on a mission to reduce our impact on the environment


At CORT we prioritize quality construction that utilizes high standards for product materials, and an emphasis on the protecting and re-conditioning every piece to keep furniture out of the landfills and cut down on emissions.


Meeting climate challenges


Long before furniture is no longer in condition to be rented again, it’s moved to the Outlet to be sold. This is part of the “circle of life” and helps our environment by being sold rather than thrown out and ending up in a landfill.

grey furniture

Buying in previously-leased furniture model produces a 49% decrease in greenhouse gas than buying new.


Manufactured to a higher standard than most furniture, our products can withstand several moves and still hold up in showroom condition to be reused by you.


Enterprise-wide our business model saves 368,862 tons of CO2 annually vs. competitors who sell furniture new.


12.2 million tons of furniture and carpentry went into landfills last year


Purchasing previously leased furniture from a CORT Furniture Outlet reduces waste and gives our customers access to stylish furniture that's built to last at extremely affordable prices.


Use. Fix. Reuse. Repeat. Buy.

Our approach to sustainability is simple:

By investing in durable products that meet the highest standards, our furniture is re-rented several times during its rental life cycle. Paying special care to repair and maintenance along the way, when the furniture arrives at the CORT Furniture Outlet, it is not only CORT CertifiedTM but it has reduced a significant amount of waste along the way.