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It’s nice to meet you!


Welcome to a furniture outlet unlike the others. Welcome to a place where every inch of our stores, warehouses, and our website was designed with your needs in mind.


Meeting your needs


It’s simple: your furniture needs can be met with both new and previously leased pieces for a fraction of its original retail price - usually up to 70% off new retail prices.

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The majority of our furniture has been temporarily used in model homes, on movie sets, by home stagers, in corporate apartments, in corporate offices or by people who needed furniture for the short-term.

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Our selection is updated weekly so there’s always something new to see to inspire your style or upgrade your home. Check back often for new inventory!

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No matter where it’s been previously leased, you can be sure that all furniture is inspected, cleaned, and CORT CertifiedTM so you can shop with confidence.

CORT Certified

What CORT Certified means to you


Confidence in your purchase is what CORT Certified is all about. It’s our commitment to being your trusted source for high-quality, durable furnishings that will be a great addition to your home or office, and if you ever have a concern, we will make every reasonable effort to resolve it to your satisfaction, as your satisfaction is our greatest measure of success.


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Meeting climate challenges


Long before furniture is no longer in condition to be rented again, it’s moved to the Outlet to be sold. This is part of the “circle of life” and helps our environment by being sold rather than thrown out and ending up in a landfill.

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Buying in previously-leased furniture model produces a 49% decrease in greenhouse gas than buying new.


Manufactured to a higher standard than most furniture, our products can withstand several moves and still hold up in showroom condition to be reused by you.


Enterprise-wide our business model saves 368,862 tons of CO2 annually vs. competitors who sell furniture new.

Meeting your standards

New, Upcycled or Reclaimned: the choice is yours

Our commitment to sustainability allows us to offer you different price points based on the condition and previous use of each piece. Here's a breakdown so you can understand the conditions and the price differences:

New Condition

This means the furniture is straight from the factory or hasn’t been previously-leased. So just like most any other furniture purchase, you’ll be its first owner. That’s why it might cost a little more than some of our other items but you’re still getting it at incredibly low outlet prices.

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Used Condition

This is where sustainability comes into play. Our used condition furniture makes up the majority of our showroom collection. This furniture has been previously leased, cleaned, and will have small but noticeable imperfections, so its price is reduced compared to new furniture but it it’s far better for the environment.

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Bargain Condition

While keeping items out of landfills, our more imperfect merchandise can still find a forever home. If you like pieces with character, enjoy DIY crafting, or don’t mind some scratches, dents or frayed and pulled threads, you’ll find the biggest savings with up to 70% off new on these items.

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Exceeding your expectations


Exceeding your expectations is the goal in everything we do for you. From responsive and knowledgeable staff and multiple ways to shop to delivery options that work for your budget and schedule, we’re here to make sure every time you shop with us it’s an experience you’ll love.

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